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JIC International Logistics

We commit ourselves to provide excellent transportation service including land, sea and air shipment in Shanghai and Ningbo Port.
China and Thailand International Logistics is our service characteristics

Hotline: +86 510 82133323
Convenient and efficient international logistics service

Logistics Advantage

Established Jiangsu Jichang International Logistics Co., Ltd. in 2013. The company has the qualification of NVOCC and has filed an international cargo transportation agency with the Ministry of Commerce.
The company acts as the agent for Shanghai, China and Linchaban Port, with an annual throughput of over 50,000 TEU, and has been well received by customers.;

Our services

The company is committed to providing Shanghai, Ningbo, Linchaban and Bangkok Port sea, land and air import and export cargo transportation services to customers at home and abroad. Zhongtai International Logistics is our service feature;
According to the business scope, the company can issue 0 points of international transportation agent general invoice, 6 point transportation agent and 10 points of international and domestic transportation special value-added tax invoice.

Strong strength, providing quality service

The company has double A customs declaration qualification, and has strong customs clearance ability for export and import;
In Shanghai, there are 30 self-owned trucks and more than 100 outsourced vehicles, all equipped with GPS positioning systems;
With its own internal warehouse and supporting loading and unloading team, it can provide customers with loading and unloading services for large cargo.

Modern management, convenient service

Have independent development of freight forwarding system software, intelligent data, convenient for customers to inquire about past document information at any time;
Have an experienced, more than five years experience in the international freight industry of the document operation team.

Professional service + professional team cargo transportation service

Provide safe, fast, accurate, economical and worry-free international logistics services

Hotline: +86 510 82133323

About us

The company's predecessor –Wuxi Shiji International Freight Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and located in the high-tech development zone in Wuxi, a prosperous central city in Yangtze River Delta region. The company’s registered capital was CNY 30 million. In 2013, JIC (CHINA) INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO.,LTD. was established by its legal person and shareholder due to business development needs. A branch office was set up in LAEM CHABANG, Thailand. Our cargo-handling capacity in Shanghai Port reaches over 50,000 TEU. Favorable comments are made by all of our customers. We now have a branch office and our own trucking company in Shanghai. We commit ourselves to provide excellent transportation service including land, sea and air shipment in Shanghai and Ningbo Port. Our service include general product container, special product container, booking for general cargo, cargo distribution, customs declaration, storage, transportation, insurance, build in, binding, sling load and domestic goods transportation, etc. We can issue 0% plain invoice, 6% and 9% vat invoice based one different business scope.

Industry news
  • Express regulations to regulate information security

    2019/6/4 17:09:06

    According to Xinhua News Agency, Premier Li Keqiang presided over the State Council executive meeting on July 12 to discuss and adopt the "Opinions on Strengthening the Implementation of Innovation-Driven Development Strategy to Further Promote the In-depth Development of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation" and decided to transfer the "Express Delivery Regulations" to the society.
  • Customs clearance procedures and document requirements for transit goods!

    2019/6/4 17:06:59

    What is the goods that are transported by customs
    The goods that are transferred to customs for customs supervision are specifically:


  • How much do you know about container loading techniques?

    2019/6/4 17:06:33

    First, mixed precautions
    When a general enterprise exports, the main concern in the loading process is that the goods data is wrong, the goods are damaged, and the data and the customs declaration data are not in conformity, which leads to the customs not releasing.
  • Customs detailed five major problems in cargo declaration

    2019/6/4 17:03:03

    1. What are the forms of import and export goods declaration?
    According to the "Customs Law of the People's Republic of China", customs declaration enterprises should use electronic data declaration forms and paper customs declaration forms when reporting to customs.
  • Designated operation process

    2019/6/4 16:59:12

    The so-called designated goods refer to the freight forwarding designated by the foreign buyer, and the freight forwarder is responsible for helping them arrange the cargo transportation. Usually refers to FOB, EXW and other freight-paid goods (that is, the freight is borne by foreign buyers).

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